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NYC Tribal Markers Connection Workshop - Nov 25

Image of NYC Tribal Markers Connection Workshop - Nov 25

Tribal Markers Connection Workshop

Tribal Markers East is bringing you the final Tribal Markers Connection Workshop of the 2018 calendar year THIS Sunday, November 25th @ 6:00pm

Tribal Markers has been forging connection through touch and the ancient techniques of Tribal Adornment for over a decade throughout the world. From Los Angeles to Bali, from Miami to Africa, and now, we are bringing the full immersion experience and teachings of Tribal Markings to the east coast here in the mystical space that is New York City.

What to Expect/Receive:
-Full Understanding of Basics and Techniques curated by Amir Magal and taught by Tribal Markers East’s, Mikey V
-Full On Sensory Experience (Sight/Touch/Sound/Smell/Taste)
-Instruction and Deep Dives into Tools of Connection
-Movement with Acroyoga instructor Laura Lebron
-SPECIAL TREAT Supplied by the Tribal Markers Team Prepared with Love
-3 pack of Tribal Markers
-Gold Anoint

Together we connect as One.

What’s your mark?!