Tribal Body Markers


“ANOINT” Gold Frankincense , Myrrh & Amber

Image of “ANOINT”  Gold Frankincense , Myrrh & Amber
On sale

Hand made and pressed

Gold mica pigment paste
MCT Coconut Oil
Jojoba oil
Frankincense, Myrrh & Amber

Silvery/white micca pigment paste
MCT Coconut Oil
Shea butter
Cacao oil
Sajé Peppermint halo

Amazing feel & smell for the final touch and experience.
Perfect gifting experience for ceremonies and events like Burning man

These are all made in very limited quantities.

Add a gifting adornment to your pouch
Add it to the forehead or rub it all
Over for a gold glow and shine.

Hand packed with high quality ingredients.
No chemicals.

To be used last after marking or by itself

Please choose how you would like to anoint your tribe either in a container , a ring or a necklace pendent.
Ring or pendant comes with a refill container.