Tribal Body Markers


“ANOINT” Gold Frankincense , Myrrh & Amber

Image of “ANOINT”  Gold Frankincense , Myrrh & Amber
On sale

Hand made and pressed

Gold mica pigment paste
MCT Coconut Oil
Frankincense & Myrrh

Amazing feel & smell for the final touch and experience.
Perfect gifting experience for ceremonies and events like Burning man & ceremonies.

These are all made in very limited quantities.

Add a gifting adornment to your pouch
Add it to the forehead or rub it all
Over for a gold glow and shine.

High quality ingredients.
No chemicals.

To be used after marking or by itself

Choose how you would like to anoint your tribe either in a glass container or necklace pendant

Pendant necklaces are hand made
In brass or silver color
And we added a new clasp to keep your anoint in the locket!